About Me

The Ripple Effect

I have always felt the pull to help others,

that one small act of kindness could change someone’s life forever,

that love dissolves hate,

that compassion and understanding is the greatest gift you could ever give another.

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I Changed My Mindset and Changed My Life

The year 2020 began with a realization that my life was only filled with stress, anxiety and worry. My mental and physical health deteriorated, I was always tired and had a headache all the time, had digestion issues, and I knew things had to change. I learned to use mindset training to help me get over the blocks and obstacles holding me back from living a full of love, happiness and abundance.

I spent time on myself and gained the ability to control my train of thought. Slowly but steadily, I began to change my life by forgiving myself for the past, slowing down and stopping the need to always be busy, putting myself and my needs first, and not “people-pleasing”. I stood taller and stronger each time I put these into practice. It was not an easy process, but the life-long rewards are worth it. I was able to find happiness within myself. I now look forward to life and wake up excited for what the day could bring. I healed my depression and my negative relationship with food and my body, my physical health improved and I move forward in life with confidence. I went from hating my life to loving the beautiful life I am actively, and with purpose, creating for myself.

I Now Use My Thoughts Wisely

We are our own biggest critics and constantly overthink everything we have done and felt. I realized that the more we spend time lost in our heads thinking about what we did or could have done, or what someone else did or could have done, the less time we are truly spending on ourselves.

My greatest life lesson was to see that I was living a life for others and expecting validation from the world. I was living someone else’s life, not mine. And that is a direct path to unhappiness! The secret to a happy life is living each moment for yourself. It’s your life, live it! Really live it! I can show you how to do this through my training as a Spiritual Life Coach, after 22 years in the corporate workplace, and learning how the mind and body operate together.

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